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Founders hire me to scale themselves and their systems: Building better teams, landing bigger opportunities, and developing the best version of their lifestyle.

As a partner to entrepreneurs, I help you scale your business and develop your skillset using your company as a vehicle for getting more of what you want in life.

Helping you…

  1. Scale your company
  2. Put it on autopilot
  3. Have it work for you.

Working with the founders of companies like...


1-1 Founder Coaching: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or in Sprints

Key areas that I can help you with →

These are the areas I'm familiar with in the founder's journey that I’ve acquired over 6 years and working with 25+ business owners and leaders.

1. Quarterly Planning, Structure and Strategy

"I have difficulties with the lack of structure, I’m meeting my goals but I don’t feel successful.

2. Delegation and Hiring

"I was working all of the time and got personally involved in everything and it was just exhausting and draining. I realized my startup would plateau if I didn't learn to delegate."

3. Founder Psychology, Burnout, and Career Pivots

"I sold my business in good terms, but not enough to make me rich. Just enough to give me a cushion for a while. Now everyone is asking "what's next?" and it's giving me anxiety."

Like a Co-Founder for hire, without the baggage.

The number of new situations and fires you face grows with complexity.

When you're spending tens of thousands to millions of dollars, hiring and managing other people, or making critical decisions...Your personal psychology and skills are the leverage point that leads to the level of impact you create in your business.

Part trusted confidant, part “work-therapist.”

A "Co-Founder for hire." Not exactly a therapist, not just a friend to vent to... a dedicated business partner that can help you structure your work, help provide clarity, and create the space to zoom out and work ON your business and ON yourself, instead of IN the business and forgetting about yourself.

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Public Founder Reviews

Hire yourself out of your business, to launch your next venture:

I worked with the Jordi, Founder of Branded Native to hire a new team to replace him in his business with his first 3 employees, hire a CEO, continue ownership + profit sharing so he could pursue launching his venture backed startup.

"He’s the reason my company still exists + is bigger than ever before even though I haven’t worked on it full time in years. He coached me and improved my business in countless ways, super thoughtful in business and life."

Jordi Hays, Founder Party Round & Branded Native

Scale your service business, hire a team around you:

I helped Adrian during his growth and his transition from ~$20k MRR to $120K MRR in under one year as a small team.

"A few indicators/results of our work together:... New hire officially starts Monday... Officially kicking off branding and development...Closing in on $60k/month for the first time ever. All thanks to you, thank you!"

Adrian Grant-Alfieri Founder Verbatim & The Proof

Lead an E-Commerce company to massive growth:

I worked with the Last Crumb team through leadership growth as the brand grew to hundreds of thousands per month in revenue + team growth of 4 to 15+

"The last year working together has really been unbelievable for my personal growth. David doesn't tell you what to do, he helps YOU to unlock that understanding for yourself and works with you to clearly articulate it."

Matthew Jung CEO Last Crumb

Organize a fast paced startup in the no-code space after it hits product market fit:

I Worked with Ben Tossell and the Makerpad team on organization, operations and scaling, helped them launch their podcast, and worked with them up through exit to Zapier.

"We've got a real handle on how the business functions are and it's been a huge part down to how David's been with us, we hope to continue working with him."

- Ben Tossel, Founder of Makerpad

"David is “ON IT” - he knows how to make things happen. David helped me take what was in my head and structure my vision to make it a reality."

- Maria Falbo, Founder of Copson London

"David helps me see the forest through the trees. It's like you've seen every personal and founder hardship I've gone through before and always have great frameworks for dealing with these things."

- Jacob Peters, Co-Founder of Launch House

"If you're looking for someone to help you grow your brand get clarity... but do it in a way that are in line with who you are, there's no better guy than David."

- Azul Terronez, Founder Authors Who Lead

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About Me

Hey, I'm David. I work with early-stage, remote founders to grow professionally and personally. I founded, sold, and advise Death to Stock – A media company and newsletter that serves brands like Unfold, Figma, Spotify, etc.

  1. Founder/Bootstrapped: Founded Death to Stock, grew it to $3M+ in revenue, sold the majority stake in the business
  2. Community: Helped organize and Grow Jacuzzi Club for brand owners and operators.
    1. Developed the Branding, acquired sponsors, set up Zapier systems.
    2. Build and curated the Jacuzzi Newsletter
  3. Writing: 350+ Blog posts on my personal blog, Caffeine.
  4. Trends + Investing: Follow along with my writing on investing and trends Art $ Attention